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Autograph Authentication Service

Keeping it Real

Alongside the memorabilia business we also authenticate other sports memorabilia.

We will check all items sent for authentication, upon inspection, will issue the Certificate of Authenticity. There is a fee for this service which is dependant on the item and the individual/s who have signed them.

If you wish to have your item certified feel free to post the item/s or bring them into the store

Worldwide Signings

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07908 505071

Do you need your sporting memorabilia authenticated? 

Worldwide Signings have over 30 years experience in the business. We can supply you with your Certificate of Authenticity. Every item is checked thoroughly, we will never pass an item that we are not 100% convinced is authentic just to make a quick sale.

We only use industry experts and one of the most respected men in the business and friend of the Ali family, Tyrone Monaghan is our expert analyser for all Muhammad Ali memorabilia.

After passing inspection you will be supplied with your Certificate of Authenticity which will have a unique embossed Worldwide Signings stamp (to prevent forgeries), the COA will also include an image and as much information on the item as is possible, a unique serial number which is logged in our database. The COA also includes my full name, address, email and website.

Authentication Fees

The following are the fees for boxing autographs that are accepted for submission. For all other sports please contact for prices.

We employ a simple fee structure to make it easy for you to submit your boxing autographs.

All boxers not listed on this column and NOT listed on the old timers column are a flat authentication fee of £10 each for flats and non flats. 

Popular / Premium value / vintage / rare autographs


Muhammad Ali £ 30 - Cassius Clay £ 35

Ali/Clay combined signature £50

Jim Corbett £ 30 - James J. Jeffries £ 30

Sonny Liston £ 30 - ​Sugar Ray Robinson ​£30

Roberto Duran £15 - Sugar Ray Leonard £15

Thomas Hearns £15 - Marvin Hagler £15

Dick Tiger £20 - Randy Turpin ​£25

Carlos Monzon ​£25 - John L. Sullivan £30

Bob Fitzsimmons £30 - Jack Johnson £30

Estaban DeJesus £25 - ​Salvador Sanchez £30

Mike Tyson £15 - Joe Frazier £15

George Foreman £15 - Ken Norton £15

Evander Holyfield £15 - Larry Holmes £15

Riddick Bowe £15 - Lennox Lewis £15

Wladimir Klitschko £15 - Vitali Klitschko £15

Anthony Joshua £20 - Tyson Fury £15

Jess Willard £30 - Primo Carnera £30

Ezzard Charles £30 - Rocky Marciano £30

​Joe Louis £30 - Jack Dempsey £30

Gene Tunney £30 - James Braddock £30

Julio Cesar Chavez £15 - Oscar Dela Hoya £15

​Alexis Arguello £15 - Canelo Alvarez £15

Manny Pacquiao £15 - Gennady Golovkin £15

Floyd Mayweather Jr. £15 - ​Arturo Gatti £20 




The following autographs are accepted but be advised that they are scarce autographs with less extensive exemplars available and may require longer time in-house to inspect. In some circumstances, there will be a greater chance that the autograph will be returned as 'Inconclusive/unable to render an opinion'. The policy is the same as it is for all autographs. The autograph will either pass and receive a COA, or it will not pass our authentication. We set a high bar for these autographs as we do for all our autographs we authenticate. We don't 'guess' and we will return it as 'Inconclusive/unable to render an opinion' if we are not positive one way or another. Our clients respect honesty and we don't keep a fee just to keep it nor do we pass something 'on the fence' just to pass it.

Shipping costs both ways are non-refundable but if the submission is sent along with other autographs it will of course piggyback on the return of those autographs and will be less of a financial burden for you. If you have any questions, contact us and we can explain everything in more detail for you. 

All Managers/ trainers/ boxing promoters/ ring officials/ referees/ announces/ historians autographs are £15 each. This includes but is not limited to Martin Julian, Tex Rickard, Jack Kearns, Jack Blackburn, John Roxborough, Julian Black, Jim Norris, Marshall Miles, Al Weil, Charley Goldman, Bundini Brown, Wali Muhammad, Ray Arcel, Angelo Dundee, Don King, Freddie Roach, Lou Duva, Bob Arum, Michael Buffer, Arthur Mercante Sr., Mills Lane, Richard Steele, Hank Kaplan, etc. 

Be advised that just like the Old Timer / Legends submissions, these autographs may encounter a higher rate of 'Inconclusive/unable to authenticate' decisions and a voucher for the submission fee may be issued if we cannot determine its authenticity unless you request a 100% full cash/cheque/money order refund of the submission fee. Shipping costs both ways are not refundable. If you submit the autograph with other autographs, it can piggyback those autographs to save you on the return shipping charge. As always, if you have any questions, please contact us.

Women Boxers

All women boxers £20 each for Flat or non flat.

​Boxers whose careers started pre-1930, please contact us.

All male boxers not listed are a flat fee of £10. This includes champions / challengers or any boxer that was of note during his career. If you are not sure if we authenticate your name, please contact us. All boxers with careers that started Pre-1930's, please contact us as we reserve the right to adjust the fee for any of those names.

Shipping costs both ways are not refundable if we give an 'Inconclusive/unable to render an opinion' decision. If you submit the autograph with other autographs, it can piggyback those autographs to save you on the return shipping charge. Contact us with any questions.

We reserve the right to correct any boxer listing and price due to oversight/technical/typographical errors on our part. All prices will be honoured for boxers we list in the premium value/ vintage/ rare autograph section otherwise.

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For all non boxing related autographs contact for enquiries

West Ham United Multi Signed 

Dagenham Motors Shirt

B141045 - Certified on August 12th 2019. Supplied by

Steven Johnson

Learn More

West Ham United Multi Signed Official Football

B141046 - Certified on August 12th 2019. Supplied by 

Steven Johnson

Dmitry Bivol Signed Everlast Glove


Certified on August 13th 2019

Supplied by Mike Irwin

Oscar De La Hoya & Floyd Mayweather Signed Primer Round Magazine


Certified on August 13th 2019

Supplied by Lance Murdoch

Manny Pacquiao Signed Boot


Certified on July 25th 2019

Supplied by Chris Stowe

Marvelous Marvin Hagler 

Signed Autograph Glove


Certified on July 25th 2019

Supplied by Bob Williams

Sir Henry Cooper 

Signed Card

B141040 - Certified on June 22nd 2019. Supplied by St Francis Hospice

Learn More

Rocky Marciano 

Signed Postcard. 

B141039 - Certified on June 20th 2019. Supplied by Andy Tucker

Learn More

England Euro 96 

Multi Signed Shirt

B141038 - Certified on June 20th 2019. Supplied by Chris Neale

Learn More

Floyd Mayweather 

Signed 10x8 Photo.

B141037 - Certified on June 10th 2019. Supplied by Ryan Bennett

Learn More

Peter Shilton Signed Card

B141036 - Certified on June 10th 2019. Supplied by Bob Williams

Learn More

Muhammad Ali Hand Wrap

B141035 - Certified on April 19th 2019. Supplied by Graham Coffey

Muhammad Ali 

Steiner Poster

B141034 - Certified on April 19th 2019. Supplied by Graham Coffey

Learn More

Earnie Shavers 

Signed Photo

B141033 - Certified on March 22nd 2019. Supplied by Lewis Roberts

Learn More

Earnie Shavers 

Signed Red Everlast Glove

B141032 - Certified on March 22nd 2019. Supplied by Lewis Roberts

Learn More

Muhammad Ali 

Signed Bonus Card.

B141031 - Certified on March 18th 2019. Supplied by Peter Crocetti

Learn More

Michael Watson, Nigel Benn & Steve Collins signed red Everlast boxing glove

B141029 - Certified on March 10th 2019. Supplied by Liam Campbell

Learn More

Joe Calzaghe 

Signed Blue Grant Glove

B141028 - Certified on March 10th 2019. Supplied by Liam Campbell

Learn More

Limited Edition Portrait 100/500 Signed By 10.

B141027 - Banks, Cohen, Wilson, Stiles, J. Charlton, Ball, Hunt, R.Charlton, Hurst, Peters plus Bobby Moore and artist Peter Deighan. Certified on 10th March 2019. Supplied by Geraldine Mather